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EcoLife Expeditions Home

Whether it be for pleasure or as a student of wildlife, EcoLife offers an exciting, hands-on, in-depth and educational experience.

During the expeditions you interact with rangers, veterinarians and researchers who are actively involved in projects, giving you insight into life, successes and problems associated with conservation in Africa today.

We supply all camping equipment including comfortable 2-man tents and camping kot. Please bring your own sleeping bag.

We make use of a variety of campsites, ranging from sites with full amenities, to rustic campsites in more remote areas. In some reserves accommodation will be in huts, chalets or safari-style tents.

Guests on our Wildlife Management and Vets-in-the-Wild expeditions participate in camping activities, such as pitching tents, and assistance with meals while on the expedition. No experience is necessary, as guests will only assist with basic activities, and will be under the guidance of our skilled team at all times.

Group size
Our groups usually number between 6 and 16 persons. Traveling in relatively small groups provide a more personal experience and allows for more freedom in field activities. There is an 18+ age limit on our expeditions, except for our Tailor Made School expeditions.