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We offer exciting hands-on, in depth educational expeditions to the student and professional in wildlife conservation and veterinary science

Video by Andrea haugen

Learning to live together with African wildlife. Andie went on an EcoLife Expedion in September 2013

Video by Patrick Jones

Vets-in-the-Wild Expedition 2012

A sneak preview...

"In the end we conserve only that which we love, We love only that which we understand, We understand only that which we are taught" - Baba Dioum

About EcoLife Expeditions

Vets-in-the-Wild Expeditions

Join us for a 22 day special interest expedition focused on pre-veterinary, veterinary technician, veterinary nursing and veterinary science students. Meet and interact with veterinarians specialised in the wildlife field. Hands-on experience of game capture, animal rehabilitation and other aspects of African wildlife management and care.
This is a transferable 6 credit program from the North-West University, South Africa.

Meghan McIntosh (USA) - "Very useful and interesting information that isn't readily offered in veterinary schools. I loved the hands-on activities and applying those skills and lessons learned to various tests and challenges on the way. EcoLife ignited an intense passion for wildlife management in me. I was continually challenged and pushed to the limit, and I emerged a more knowledgeable, confident individual with surefire passion for a career in wildlife medicine."

Wildlife Conservation Expeditions

This expedition is an extensive 22 day African wildlife conservation program for students in conservation biology and wildlife ecology, incorporating interaction with experts in wildlife management, animal rehabilitation, reptile care and game capture. Learn about all the aspects of reserve management in the African context.
This is a transferable 6 credit program from the North-West University, South Africa.

Stephanie Kirchman (USA) - "There are so many different aspects of this tour that are out of this world and you can't believe you are doing, that every day seems to be the best day of your life. The tour lets people experience Africa in a way most people only dream of doing it."

RACE Approved CE Program
Veterinary Care of Wildlife in Africa

EcoLife presents a new 14 day expedition for professional veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The focus is on ecological management of wildlife diseases, elephant contraception techniques, wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary care programs.
This is a 20 credit CE(Continuous Education) RACE (AAVSB) approved program.

Follow this link to Page 8 of Fall 2011 Newsletter, Department of Animal Science, University of Vermont

Tennis Upliftment Expeditions

We invite tennis players of all skill levels to embark on an expedition through the South African bushveld. Meet our local tennis players in rural areas and make a difference in their lives. Come and play tennis and enjoy the African wildlife.

Kirstin Gonczar (Australia) - "This trip was an amazing experience, I'm so glad I came. I never expected that I would have such amazing learning opportunities, or such wonderful people on my trip. I wish I didn't have to go back home, and that this trip could just last forever."

Travel Information

South Africans are friendly and hospitable. The climate is on average mild and will offer you a warm welcome. The infrastructure is world class and mobile and internet services readily available.

Kelsey Gagnon - "This trip far exceeded my expectations. I didn't realize I would fall completely in love with South Africa. It has taught me a lot about myself and now I have a clearer picture of what I see myself doing after college."

Photo Galleries

Loved ones and friends can follow you on your expedition. Pictures of each expedition are uploaded to our Facebook page mostly on a daily basis. Non-Facebook members can click on the link to view the photos too!

Caitlin Flint (Virginia Tech- USA) - "This was absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have met some great friends, had the privilege to have 2 great guides show me around Africa all the while doing something I love. I know I will return home with great stories and experiences I will never forget. Overall a great program."

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